ASCAP Experience

ASCAP is the preeminent organization for licensing performance rights. And because of their membership being composed of the most well-known names in music, their events focus around delivering an exceptional auditory experience with superior music quality that truly resonates and represents their audience. Their technical goals for the ASCAP Experience 2023 revolved around ensuring that the audio talent at the venue is at the peak performance. The big goal for this event was to create an unforgettable experience where music, networking, and industry expertise seamlessly converge, leaving attendees inspired and enriched.

SFG worked with ASCAP to produce their ASCAP Experience in Los Angeles by acting as their Technical Producer- working on both technical execution and stage design. Our collaboration with the different production teams and the venue were instrumental in ensuring the event’s seamless operation. After working with ASCAP to understand their vision for the event, we began sourcing equipment and labor for recording, sound, and scenic. We provided a multi-camera setup to capture all the panelists and performances, managed graphic assets, and created a stage design that reflected the energy and excitement of the event.

The event achieved its core goals by delivering an exceptional auditory experience that met the highest standards of music quality. The technical execution ensured that the audio talent at the venue operated at their peak performance levels, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. The event skillfully blended music, networking prospects, and industry knowledge, crafting an indelible experience that left attendees profoundly motivated and empowered.