buildOn Gala

buildOn has partnered with SFG for over half a decade and come to us to produce their annual gala for just as long. The buildOn gala is part fundraiser for their incredible mission and part celebration of their huge impact on the community they serve. This annual event aims to highlight their mission, connect with their existing donors, and serve as a space to re-introduce their cause to those in attendance.

SFG’s intimate knowledge of nonprofit galas and their goals means we’re excellent partners for getting the right show at the right budget. We worked with buildOn to understand their most important aspects of the show– things like captivating executive presentations, seamless AV production, and stunning visuals to keep the crowd focused. And then we executed on it. We loaded in our equipment the morning of the event and set up the lights, projection, and audio before guests started rolling in. We coordinated with the venue’s exclusive vendors to ensure that their team was up to speed and we provided a small team consisting of a Show Caller and Stage Manager to run the show. The programming consisted of keynote speeches, entertainment by

With direction from our team and collaboration from the buildOn team, the event was a technical and creative success. But the event was not just a technical triumph; it was a transformative experience. It left an indelible mark on all attendees, inspiring them to connect with the cause at a deeper level. It showcased buildOn’s mission with a brilliance that resonated with every guest. In the end, it wasn’t just a gala; it was a celebration of purpose, a testament to the impact that a well-executed event can have in driving positive change. SFG was proud to be part of this success story, and we look forward to continuing our journey of creating impactful and unforgettable experiences with partners like buildOn.