Kamp Grizzly Topps zerocool Booth

Our friends and collaborators at Kamp Grizzly were tasked with bringing a 30’x30’ booth at New York Comic Con, the nation’s largest convention space, to life. This booth needed to engage a wide variety of attendees with an interactive game and custom booth that tied the company’s past and present together. And with that creative directive in mind, Kamp Grizzly approached SFG for end-to-end booth support, from ideation to fabrication and execution.

We were delighted to take on the challenge of executing a bold plan with limited time and a tight budget. Our booth was designed to transport guests back to the experience of clocking in as a worker in the company’s Brooklyn factory in 1938, but with a fun twist. The experiential design featured a strong narrative and a continuous progression of interactions for attendees. This included activities such as time-card sign-ins, photo-hunt games, a conveyor belt game, candid photo retrieval, and prize redemption. We thoughtfully incorporated client-driven requests like the photo op capture and a retail area into the space. Our responsibilities encompassed delivering the physical booth, including both its construction and design, developing, testing, and running the gameplay for the conveyor belt, effectively connecting the game to Topps’ history with a consistent experiential theme, and strategically utilizing existing scenic elements like the vending machine to enhance the overall booth design. Additionally, we devised a comprehensive staffing plan that included Brand Ambassadors, game operators, and Topps team members. We also liaised with Javits and Freeman to ensure smooth logistics and served as the Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC), overseeing the load-in and load-out of all scenic and functional components.

The space within the Javits Center stood out as a landmark booth, surpassing expectations and drawing in more than 2,000 registrants over the course of four days. The guest experience was meticulously curated, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback from the moment of initial sign-up to the culmination of prize collection. The event’s triumph became evident as attendees returned for multiple days, with many expressing their preference for this year’s superior experience compared to the previous one. Notably, the candid photo opportunity proved to be a major success, with a majority of participants eagerly sharing their captured moments.