USPS Video

When USPS launched their Every Door Direct Mail program, they faced a crucial challenge – how to craft a narrative that was not just clear and concise but also deeply resonated with their target audience. They recognized the need for a compelling script that would effectively communicate the benefits of their innovative service while weaving in real customer stories, illustrating the transformative impact on companies using their services to enhance their marketing efforts.

SFG’s creative leads were ready to jump on this project and provide valuable insights and scripting expertise that allowed USPS to shine. In close collaboration with the USPS team, we delved into the scriptwriting process for a five-part video series. Our goal was crystal clear – to keep the messaging straightforward, ensuring that USPS’s audience effortlessly grasped the significance of the changes. To bring this vision to life, we didn’t stop at scriptwriting alone. We provided a dedicated Director for the shoot. Our Director is not just an expert behind the camera but a storyteller and filmmaker in their own right, ensuring that every frame captured USPS’s message with the precision they needed. Our holistic approach ensured that USPS’s narrative would not only be clear and concise but also engaging and impactful, resonating deeply with their audience and leaving a lasting impression.

The five-part series was uploaded to USPS’s Youtube channel for their 65k subscribers, amassing over 40,000 views since it’s been uploaded. The series managed to do something truly exceptional—it engaged, educated, and inspired, ensuring that USPS’s message was not just heard but understood and embraced. SFG was able to break down complex concepts and turn them into digestible pieces of content that not only simplified intricate ideas but also made them engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences.