Proofpoint, a prominent enterprise security company hailing from the sunny shores of California, boasts an impressive tradition that has become a hallmark of their corporate calendar. Annually, they convene for their much-anticipated all-hands meetings and user conferences.With a steadfast dedication to excellence, Proofpoint orchestrates events of varying scales, accommodating audiences ranging from 600 to 1300 attendees. These events are vibrant, dynamic affairs designed to foster engagement, share knowledge, and drive their mission forward. Which means that these events must also serve as a platform for exchanging ideas, unveiling groundbreaking security solutions, and solidifying their position as a leader in the cybersecurity domain. And for that, they needed a partner that would deliver a technically flawless event that would allow them to focus on content and not AV.

Our role as Technical Producers involves a multifaceted approach to ensure every aspect of the events runs seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. SFG has worked closely with their events team to execute these intricate events as their Technical Producers. We organize and manage the AV vendors, working with long-time partners to ensure the equipment matches the event vision and that we’re coming in at the right budget. We worked with these vendors to enable live streaming broadcast, and worked closely with speakers and facilitators to guarantee the content presented onstage would roll out successfully. We have been happy to provide this service in the Bay Area, New York City, and Salt Lake City.

These gatherings serve as a powerful testament to Proofpoint’s commitment to communication, collaboration, and innovation within their organization. With SFG’s technical expertise seamlessly integrated into the events, Proofpoint has consistently achieved the level of excellence they strive for, delivering engaging and impactful experiences that resonate with their diverse audience.