Software AG conXion and SKO

When Software AG, a leader in data software management, was tasked with the unprecedented challenge of bringing their global conXion and SKO events online they turned to SFG Productions to ensure their audience of thousands was able to access their content virtually. Their mission was clear: make sure that the invaluable content they had to offer would reach their vast and diverse audience, spanning the globe. They aimed to engage this extensive audience with a flawlessly produced event that would deliver not only high-quality audio and visuals but also a sense of connection in an increasingly digital world.

SFG embarked on a multifaceted production journey, crafting solutions that catered to both pre-recorded and live content, each tailored to Software AG’s unique needs. For conXion, we employed a flexible approach, recording speakers in various settings—whether through professional videographers, remote kits, or the speakers’ own equipment and lighting setups. This diverse range of sources was artfully woven together into a cohesive and seamless broadcast, providing the appearance of a live event while affording the convenience of on-demand playback.The SKO event presented its own set of challenges and opportunities, with four live shows spanning three different time zones. SFG took the helm in producing these regional meetings from inception to conclusion, elevating the Zoom experience with captivating visuals and the seamless streaming of dynamic, live content to an audience numbering in the hundreds. Our comprehensive role encompassed creative direction, remote speaker production, speaker coordination and training, asset management, on-site videography, teaser video creation, green screen studio sourcing, post-production supervision, and editing, including the intricate art of green screen compositing. The result was a captivating and immersive live Zoom meeting production, elevated by our expertly crafted motion graphics.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable—a three-day event that transcended borders, reaching a global audience with over 75 pre-recorded videos. This comprehensive content included talks, panels, interviews, product showcases, and an awards ceremony, ensuring that Software AG’s mission to become pioneers of a truly connected world was well and truly fulfilled. The event was a resounding success for their internal teams, resonating with an engaged and appreciative audience around the world.