Software AG Explainer Videos

Software AG is a multinational software corporation that aims to simplify the connected world. They came to SFG with a mission to address the pain points within the SwAG universe, focusing on how to solve customer issues through their software management products. They wanted to create content that directly addressed the challenges their audience faced and offered practical solutions. The videos needed to be clean and well-scripted, breaking down complex ideas into digestible clips. This is where SFG stepped in to produce a series of videos that would eliminate the barriers between customer and product.

SFG got to work on producing these videos in NYC. We provided feedback on the scripts then got to work sourcing a studio, hiring talent, and putting together a crew to handle the shoot and edit. We designed a clean “office” to match the vibe of the video – making sure to move beyond a sterile environment into one that was more personable and inviting, hired a team of videographers, audio engineers, and grips to make sure our cinema-quality production shined. Our talented team consisted of videographers, audio engineers, and grips, all dedicated to ensuring cinema-quality production. With precision and expertise, we orchestrated a seamless shoot day, capturing all five videos in a single session. To add the finishing touches, we crafted original graphics that illustrated the user experience, seamlessly integrated into the final video production.

These videos found their rightful home on Software AG’s website, providing a valuable resource for their audience to revisit whenever needed. They have proven immensely helpful to clients, demystifying complex concepts and fostering a deeper understanding of the products offered. As a result, Software AG’s commitment to simplifying the connected world is exemplified not just in their products but also in the invaluable educational content they offer.